Who Is Karl Marx And How Marxism Started?

Have you ever heard of Karl Marx or Marxism? Do you even know the things this guy had contributed to the world as he made a great impact to the history? This article will give you an idea of how this person made it to the thing called Marxism.

Get to know him?

He is a German journalist, revolutionary socialist, economist, sociologist, and a philosopher. He had shown the world the better understanding of the economy in connection with labor and capital and how do these things work in order to gain a better economy.

He wrote notable books such as The Communist Manifesto and  Das Kapital that were all about the economy. As a journalist, he was the one who developed the writings about the materialist conception of the history. He kept on writing theories that are related to the politics and the run of the economy. That lead to an understanding named after him, the Marxism.

What you should know about Marxism?

Marxism is a theory of how the world sees and understands the society and economy that is based on the societal conflicts and the relations of the classes of society itself through the use of the history’s development and materialist interpretation. The method worked through the development of capitalism in the latter part that is a result of questions from social politics and economics.

The struggles of social levels were explained as to what it contributed to the changes that occur in the economy. Simple understanding is how would the economical activities affect and satisfy the demand and the needs of the human society.

There were social unrest happening where his methodologies and theories helped and aided his fellow economists to understand and a give proper solution to the war of the small and big business entrepreneurs. This methodology also stated that the technology helped to develop communism through socialism, which is a harmful aspect of the society that will lead to a classless when common ownership will be continued.

What he contributes?

All off his ideas contributed a lot of influence on how society changes from the history to the recent, a total contribution to the social relationship, ideology of the people, morality standards, and even to the legal and political systems.

Created a view that capitalism can no longer sustain the society’s material needs that will downgrade the living quality of the people and the worst thing will happen is the pursuit of the military aggression.

The world needs such kind of a person that manifests a bright idea as to what the society would act according to what it needs, we cannot deny it that we are now running out of resources that made the rich countries richest and third world countries will remain on its stagnant condition.

His contribution must be used for the rest of times in order or all classes of society cooperate for the development of everybody without the greed in comes to power and possession for we are all the same species living on one planet.

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