Flaws in Marxist Theory

Karl Marx spent most of his days envisioning a better world for everyone involved. By 1848, he created a system that is commonly referred to as communism. Unfortunately, Marxism failed to take into account our natural human nature.

He failed to understand the human and how our inner instincts for life. His ideas and dreams involved the lower class (often the impoverished) over taking the rich and settling down to live in a world where everything practically flawless.

In this immaculate world, there would be no forms of control, including religion, no government, and no ownership of anything. This means people would not have rights over the production of goods or certain inventions.

The flaw in this vision, is it fails to recognize and understand our very basic human nature. Regardless of Marx’s personal opinions on religion, every human at some time or another seems to seek some kind of invisible guidance for life.

This need or desire for a religion is almost instinctual. Communist governments around the world have pursued and attempted to banish any religion in their countries, even enforcing severe punishments or death for suggesting or following a specific path of religion.

Each attempt has failed. People, for the most part, work together as groups and can be a force to be reckoned with whenever they feel threatened. Without some form of control, however, there is too much chaos in the society to survive without a government.

It’s far too much responsibility for the society as a whole to decide how we properly allocate our resources efficiently. This, in essence, will create an imbalance.

When a human fails to see any benefits for working or feels degraded, their work efficiency and quality tend to decline. If a human doesn’t have to work any harder than is needed, very rarely will they exert the extra effort. This may lead the economy to stagnation.

In essence, the whole theory of Marxism is flawed. Essentially, the theory looks great on paper and sounds like a fantastic idea. However, human nature prevents us as human beings from seizing the same opportunity that Marxism often stresses.

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