3 Important Questions And Answers About Marxism That You Should Know

Have you heard of Karl Marx? If you have, then you must know how influential and well-known he is because of his Marxism theory. However, if you have heard of Marx and his theory but do not really understand it that well yet, do not worry! Just keep on reading this article to gain a better understanding about Marxism.

Who is Karl Marx?

Karl Marx was a German sociologist, philosopher, revolutionary socialist and economist. His work mainly focused on economics and his theories have been constantly used as a basis for modern economics. As of today, his Marxism theory is being used to understand labor theories, its connection to capital and some other economic concepts. He has published many books throughout his lifetime – his most prominent work is Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto. According to experts, Karl Marx remains one of the most influential people in human history.

What is Marxism?

In general, Marxism is an overall-view of economics and society, and is a process of societal analysis. This theory mainly focuses on societal conflict and class relations. Here are some important Marxism concepts that you should understand.

It uses a materialist point of view to interpret historical development while using a dialectical view in perceiving social transformation. Basically, the Marxist approach uses sociopolitical and economic inquiry and applies these things in critiquing and analyzing the development of capitalism. It is also used to study, analyze and understand the struggles of the different classes within a systematic change in the economy.

Marxism also helps people understand social levels and how they differ from one another. However, Marxism does not just simply define them – instead, Marxism also explains why some social classes suffer within an economy. He explains different societal deficiencies, and how it affects society as a whole affecting the people and forming what Marxism calls as class struggle.

Marxism also builds on a materialist view on social development. It uses this as a starting point to understand the essential economic actions needed to fulfill the material needs of humanity. Basically, Marxism also states that the production mode or the kind of economic organization can directly influence other social phenomena like ideology, morality, and even social relations.

The Marxism theory encompasses a wide range of theories, topics and methods. From sociological theory, to economic theory, to a revolutionary view regarding social change and it also makes use of a philosophical method. There is no definitive single Marxism theory. After all, the Marxism theory has been applied to a wide range of subjects and has been constantly modified throughout its development and use.

How does Marxism influence our world today?

Although this theory was introduced decades ago, it is still highly influential and heavily used in present times. For example, the Marxist understanding of society and history has been implemented by various academics in different disciplines like anthropology, archaeology, political science, media studies, theater, history, art, cultural studies, geography, philosophy, psychology, and economics. It is still being used to further understand economic trends and some even use it to prevent some economic downfalls.

In conclusion, Marxism, although criticized by some, remains as one of the most important and influential economic and societal theories. Hopefully, this article has helped you gain a better understanding about this topic and has helped you see how important it is.

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